His Word Alone

A call to put down your Bible studies and pick up your Bible

by Summer Lacy

After years of exploring every Bible study available in an effort to understand Scripture, Summer was awakened to the discouraging reality she knew more about the authors of her ever-present Bible studies than she did the Holy Author of the Bible. She decided it was time to put down her Bible studies and begin reading the actual Bible. Fueled by a passion for sharing the wonders of Scripture with women in all phases of life, Summer issues a call in His Word Alone to Bible study girls everywhere to put away their Bible studies and pick up the Bible. Summer is thoroughly convinced of God’s ability to use His word to meet us each individually, and assures us that we are each capable, able, and called to be in His word. Whether you are a seasoned Bible study girl yourself, or just beginning to explore the Bible, His Word Alone equips, guides, and encourages you to dig into the grit, grime, and endless beauty of Scripture with your very own hands.


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What people are saying about His Word Alone

This is not just a book, but a powerful tool that equips you to study the Bible, to learn Scripture, and to hear Jesus. As I read the words in this book, I felt like I was sitting with a trusted friend who was being real, open, and honest and giving the best tangible advice on how I can know more deeply, hear more clearly, and engage more frequently with the Lord. I feel a renewed excitement about my time in the Bible, because I know now how to use that time.
— Shelly Jones, Dallas, Texas

Summer has written a book that is full of truth and guidance we all need to hear. It’s simple enough for new Christians that it won’t overwhelm, but is full of enough honesty and knowledge that anyone can gain something from it, no matter where you are at in your walk with God. She presents these things in a way that is kind and authentic. I really felt like she was sitting across from me giving me sound and caring advice. His Word Alone has really given me some affirmations that I feel like I already knew, but needed to hear somewhere else, as well as some new things that I never realized before but make complete sense. It’s a wonderful book that has made me confident that I can study the bible on my own.
— Neely Beattie, Oronogo, Missouri

This book has taught me that the opinions of those who write Bible studies can clarify and enlighten, but the most personal way to have the Lord speak to me is in His Word, the Bible. Summer Lacy has helped me understand His Word is not a great mystery, rather a living Word waiting to speak to me! I highly recommend this book!
— Sheila Ware, Mauriceville, Texas