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*Common teaching topics for retreats & conferences:

God Speaks

The Bible clearly teaches that ours is a God who speaks.  He brought the world into existence through the power of his spoken word.  We can even read of the men and women who clearly heard his voice during Biblical times.  But does God still continue to speak to you and I personally, right where we are?  Today?  This  series is aimed at answering that very question, and at equipping us to clearly recognize His voice for what it is.

Come to Me

In this talk, we explore the invitations God extends to his people, as well as the impact that those invitations have on the daily walk of a follower of Christ.

By Faith

There is an unbelievable amount of emphasis on the topic of faith in the Scriptures, so it follows that as those seeking to live our lives in light of those Scriptures, there should be a great emphasis on this topic in our lives as well.  Indeed, the realities of this topic seep into every nook and cranny of our lives.  In this  series, we use the book of Hebrews as a launching pad to explore what the Bible teaches us about faith.

A Beautiful Exchange

Anchored in the book of Ezekiel, this series focuses in on the transformative work of Christ in the life of a Believer.  

Discipling Your Children As You Go

Perfect for moms groups, this teaching focuses in on how to lead the little disciples in your home toward an abiding relationship with Christ even from the very first years of their lives.

Christ-Centered Marriage

How should being a follower of Christ affect your marriage on a daily basis?  This teaching session takes a look at how we honor God when recognize the centrality of His role in our marriages. 

*In addition to the topics above, I am always happy to work with you to customize a specific message or teaching series for your event.  

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