A good Bible study does more than simply teach learners the Bible, it teaches learners how to study the Bible for themselves.  If you are in the Houston area, I would love to bring one of my in-depth studies to your church and teach the women in your ministry how to study the Bible for themselves as we study the Bible together.  Contact me for more details.  

A 6 session study based on Jesus’ teaching on prayer in Matthew Chapter 6

Like many of you, I had heard The Lord’s Prayer countless times before I first sat out to intently study it, and in all honesty, it had always struck me as maybe just a little bit…boring.  (Can a Bible Study teacher even admit such a thing?!)  You see, years of hearing this prayer’s rote recitation had incorrectly conditioned me to see the prayer as lacking vitality.  When I finally sat down and began earnestly looking at the verses of the Lord’s Prayer, I started to recognize that they contained some of the most fundamental truths of the bible.  I saw that Jesus was revealing to us God’s heart toward us through this prayer.  This study seeks to understand what exactly God’s heart is toward His people by looking into the words that Jesus gave us in this prayer.

Although there are a number of striking prayers written in the pages of Scripture that we can use to inform our understanding of God, of prayer, and of God’s desires for us in regards to prayer, the nature of this prayer in particular gives us such a unique opportunity to take a look at all these things:  Through it, we get a glimpse of how Jesus – God in the form of man, communed with God – God in the form of the Father.  Because of the flawless nature of the participants involved- God and God – it is the perfect prayer.  And as such, the Lord’s Prayer displays perfectly the intended nature of the relationship between God and man.

Study Breakdown

Generally, this study is done in an interactive lecture style, in which students ask and answer questions as the lecture progresses.  When led this way, lectures run approximately 60 – 90 minutes depending on the amount of interaction involved.  If it more ideally suits your group’s particular needs, the format can be slightly altered so that there is a lecture portion (running about 45 minutes) and then a small group discussion portion (running another 45 minutes).  In this case, small groups will ideally consist of between 6-8 people each, including one person who leads/facilitates the group’s discussion.  Study workbook including fill in the blank lecture notes, discussion questions, and homework for each week are available.

Study Schedule

Week One: Introducing the Study and Establishing the Context of Prayer

Week Two: A Father in Heaven

Week Three: His Name, His Kingdom, His Will

Week Four: Our Daily Bread

Week Five: A People Forgiven

Week Six:  On Temptation & Evil